Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Floor Trusses

Frankie & John and the boys came home for Easter. John and his boys were a huge help! Frankie......not so much. LOL!

Half of our floor trusses are on!

This is Brian....I think he likes being high up.
John and Johnny helping Eric with the saw.
Look, there's me, holding down a board. I actually cut a couple of boards with Eric's new skill saw but, I got saw dust in my eyes. No, I didn't have safety glasses on....I will next time. We already have our windows - when it's time to frame up the outside walls, we'll be ready.

This is at mom and dad's future house site. Isn't the view beautiful?

Dad is almost half way finished digging for his basement.

More work crew pictures.
Teddy helped us get the top plate on our block. It didn't look as easy as it sounds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Video of the hard work

We have a basement floor!

Eugene is the man....he and Aaron finished the floor. It is smooth and beautiful!Parts of the concrete weren't completely dry, so Eugene was brave enough to be lifted into the basement, hanging from a rope tied to a back hoe.....can you say dangerous?

It's almost complete...
We had an amazing turn out for help. Nine guys were there to smooth out 21 yards of concrete.

Eagle view of the project