Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We have a door

Thanks to Mrs. Erin E-C, I got the adirondack chair fever. Eric and I lucked into these babies. We watered proofed them and they go great with the bench that we used in our wedding. In the future, they will become deck chairs.

Eric, dad, Teddy and Grandpa installed this french door in our dining room, which will eventually lead out to the deck. I will probably pain the door burgundy to match the roof.

The job wasn't as easy as they hoped it would be. The door fit tightely in the hole.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TIN ROOF....Burgundy

RB Roofing and CN Contracting was kind enough to lend a helping hand in putting the tin on our roof. If anyone needs work done, let me know and I'll get you their phone numbers. Business advertisment is the least I can do! Also, Frankie's bf, John helped a lot!
Of course, Teddy, dad, and Grandpa Branti helped.

Eric is trimming the tin and doing a great job!

Gracie, Casie & Diana came to sneek a peak at the progress. Mom, Frankie, Gracie and I took a walk to the top of the mountain. Mom and Dad have a swimming pool where they are digging the basement for their house.

Here Eric & Teddy are taking a sit down but, work is going on in their head....The work on our house really has just began!

The view of our roof from above.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have a house....almost.

They all worked to almost dark. I think it's beautiful! Stay tuned....we're hoping next weekend that we will be able to get our tin on! Then our house will be "dried in".

Over half of the roof trusses are on. I love the tree, but its top needs cut badly.

Tony Massey, Clinton, and Scott waiting for the next truss. I know these guys are working hard but, I think they truly enjoy being up on top of a house, especially with the view that they have up on the farm.

Eric is walking out the front door and down our, hopefully, temporary stairs.

Here is a ladder standing in my walk-in-closet.

Teddy, Scott and Eric.

There were 3-4 guys on the ground lifting the trusses to about 4-5 guys on the roof. Then there were a couple of guys on the house floor with a 2X4 to help support the truss. They are so big and heavy!

Here's Scott nailing on a roof truss. It is so awesome that we are getting a roof!

Eric and one of his bff's, David. David lives in Ohio but, travels to WV often for hunting and just soaking in some good ole' WV good livin!

These guys needed a lunch break. Thanks to mom for making food and Diane for sending food. We had plenty to feed these hungry workers. Even the first watermelon of the season! YUM!

Our friends were so much help. Eric's uncle Clinton, who has his own contractor's business helped out a lot and our brother-n-law Scott was just like a monkey climbing around on top of the walls....well, a monkey who knows how to hammer!

Grandpa Brantie, cutting a board.

This is the front of the house. The front door is in the center, the 3 windows will be in the living room and the window on the right is one small bedroom.

When I left the house site, we had a floor. The next time I got there, it looked like this. Eric and his friends from Ohio got together in the mornings for a nice turkey hunt and then came to work on our house in the afternoon. I really appreciate all the hard work everyone put into our house last week! THANK YOU!

And there is our floor, the hole is for the stairwell to the basement. I think it is beautiful!

Everyone is getting a close look at the floor.

Almost finished with the floor

Dad is making sure the trusses are nice and level.

Eric's grandpa was a big help, even though is was going through a cancer treatment on his face and had to keep it covered from the sun.

Here is a shot from the basement floor.

Here Eric is nailing the floor truss to the top plate of our basement wall.

Almost half of the floor trusses are on!