Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We now have a divider wall in between the garage and the basement. Plus, we got in our first load of fire wood!Eric and his dad built Eric's "hunting room" which will contain all his hunting clothes, his gun, tree stands, etc.They put log siding on the walls....once we get a ceiling, it will look nice. This is my wonderful pantry. The bin on the bottom will hold cans for recyclables and the top shelves will hold whatever I desire!Brantie (Grandpa) spent most of his time over the weekend doing plumbing and electrical work. We now have lights in the two small bedrooms.

This is the ceiling fan in the master bedroom.
Mom and dad did a lot of plumbing, here they are installing the sink faucets.

I took this picture standing in the small bedroom. They could hear us working but, it didn't bother them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tile and Tin

Eric is now proud to say that he can lay porcelain tile. Dad showed him the basics and Eric did it. Of course, he had a little help here and there but, he worked really hard and about killed his back. Here is the foundation, hardy backing, that was screwed down onto the plywood.Next step, mortar, tile and spacers.Dad and Teddy had to cut a few pieces to fit in tight places. This is the guest bathroom/laundry room.
Voila.....here is the finished product. I love this tile. The grout was messy but, it was cleaned many times and sealed yesterday.

Dad had to read up on how to install our wood furnace. He did a great job and the wood burner works great. So great that Sunday when we were working, we had to shut it down b/c we got way too hot.

This is the master bathroom.

I love this tile too, it's a basic grey design that looks a lot like marble.

Mom and I did a lot of sanding and staining last weekend.

We have three doors installed on the kitchen cabinets and burgundy tin on the ceiling.

The kitchen is looking a little dark but, we're trying to find a bright kitchen light and also a light colored counter top. We'd like to have something light with burgundy flecks. If anyone can find a counter top that would go great in our kitchen....please forward it to us.

Here we are installing the sink bowls onto the bathroom sink counter tops.