Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Times

Our cookout was a wonderful success. We had great weather, delicious food, and of course, great company. So many of our friends and family came out and we want to thank each of them.

Jeff Gula, Kim, the Wu Family and Hussein (friends from work):
Marshall & Karl (friends from work):
Dad & Uncle Ricky:

Kristi, Jenn & Beth (friends from colleg):

Guy & Shirley Kelly:

Keith & Terra Burdette:
Tommy, Tom & Donna Williams (our neighbors):

The Butcher family & Lexi:
Aunt Valerie:
Diana, Jaidyn, Marsha & Gary, John & Teresa:

Teddy, JB, Madison & Matt:
Dad & me:

Mom, putting hamburgers together:

Doc & Judy:
Basil & Virginia Hershberger

Brantie Nottingham

Justin & Reathal:
Sandy & Len Martin:

Hussein & Noura:

Joy, Yeuming, Faith & April Wu:

Vera & Boyce:

JB, Paula & Matt
Rki (prego):


Thanks so much for Frankie for taking pictures, to everyone who brought food and/or drinks. Thanks to Eric for grilling, Tiny for fixing the grill. And especially to EVERYONE who helped build our wonderful house and helped with the cookout! WE LOVE YOU ALL!