Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cedar Stained Siding

To all my followers: Cookout on August 1st, 2009 6:30 pm....come and join us for some food and good times, plus you can check out the house in person!
We wanted the color of cedar and I think we got it. Eric and I are happy with the color. What do you guys think?

This looks dangerous, doesn't it?

This side litterally took about 15 minutes to stain...even with two coats.

This "high side" was the first side that they attempted. It was the hardest and took the longest to do.
This is my cousin, Tiny, he graciously helped us apply the stain to the log siding. With this fancy spayer, it made for a pretty easy job. I can say that b/c I was only gophering and taking pics....but, I'm sure it was a lot easier than brushing or rolling the stain on.
We have absolutely had so much help on our house. My cousin Butch helped us out tremondously on getting the stain.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunny House

There is a dug well behind the house, it's probably been there since before the 1950's. We didn't have any idea if we could use it for water or not but, my dad had Dale Grose to bring his well drilling rig out and clean out the well. He pulled a bunch of trash out of it & FOUND WATER. So, we are really excited and think that we may be able to run our house on this well. This is a picture of some the metal dad pulled out with a magnet. The well is 88 feet deep and there's about 15 feet of water. Dale told us that it will pump about 8 gallons a minute.

I called today and ordered a water testing kit just to make sure the water is safe for drinking. I'm going to pay to have the water tested for arsenic, fluoride, lead, and nitrates. I also have to call another lab to have it tested for bacteria. It never hurts to be safe! Eric thinks I'm crazy and am wasting the money but, I don't care. If there is something bad in it, he'll be apologizing to me.
Dad went out on the farm this morning and took this picture. It is really the best picture of the house, yet. You can actually see the color of the roof. Eric said that it looked like a picture out of a magazine.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Check out our siding!

Our house looks really tall here!
Eric and I both love our burgundy door & think it goes great with the siding, hopefully it will go great with the color of the stain! We are getting a cedar color and hopefully by next weekend.

This picture was taken from inside & it was raining.

We've had outlet boxes in for a while, I just forgot to get a picture of them.

Everything is still messy outside but, that will change soon! The outside of the house is pretty much finished, we just need to get gutters and build the porch and deck.

Eric's Uncle Clinton & his crew are doing a wonderful job, especially considering this is the first time that they've installed this type.

The corners make it look like real logs....they were the corners alone cost almost as much as all the siding!