Monday, March 22, 2010

Doors and More

This is our septic tank. This is exciting because installing the septic is one of the last big and expensive projects. Dad and Teddy worked two days by themselves and Eric took off work on Friday to help them. Then Saturday dad pretty much got everything covered up.
We have 180 feet of leach line.

Teddy and Eric installed all the interior doors weekend before last. I learned the skill of installing door handles, which was actually quite simple. We're leaving everything natural. Stain is pretty but, we like the doors and walls just as they are.
What do we have left before we can move in? Build walk-in closet and over the washer and dryer shelving, install closet doors, run water from well to house, install hot water tank, put plywood up on ceiling of front porch, build back deck, Put insulation and plywood up in basement, poor concrete pad in front of garage, and wire kitchen and basement for electric. I'm sure there is more.....but, give us 2 months and we should be ready to move in.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Flooring Project Complete

Honey Rose colored oak flooring went down in our Master Bedroom, walk-in closet, living room, dining room, and kitchen.Our brother-n-law, Scott really stepped up and was a lot of help. He provided most of the tools and lots of labor.Once the floor is clean, it will be beautiful!Mom and I even helped a little.Here is the finished product. The flooring makes the rooms look huge!

Finally, the french door was I just have to paint the outside.
Sorry, for not many's 7:30 and I've got to get to work!

Monday, March 1, 2010

More lights, more plumbing, & FLOORING!

Eric, with the help of Grandpa Branti, Tony Massey, and the Boggs boys, installed flooring in the two small bedrooms. This is hickory....I love it and it will be prettier when it's clean! This is natural red oak...

New kitchen light

Dad has installed everything required to take a wonderful shower.....oh, except the water! But, I'm really excited to take a shower with this shower head.

Grandpa Brantie and Dad have pretty much completed the plumbing. They worked on it last Tuesday and were 5 joints of pipe short of being finished.

I'm not crazy about our vanity lights in the bathrooms. But, I had to choose something and this was the closest thing that I could find to something I like. I'm trying to find some glass globes that aren't $7.00 each. Once they are added, I think I will like it better.