Friday, February 25, 2011

Lattice, Landscaping & Water

I'm sure most of you are aware that Eric and I have water issues out on the Kerr Farm. Last year when we moved into our house, the old well was producing plenty of water. Then one day, there was no water. So, for the past several months, Eric has been hauling water on his days off. Sometimes, we would run out & that is a horrible feeling. We got several estimates from contractors to dig a ditch for a water line to run city water out our driveway that is 0.7 mile. We had prices from $10,000 to $25,000. Well, my dad, being the incredible person that he is, found a good deal on a ditch witch and decided to take this task on himself. I am praying that this huge piece of machinery can do the job. I have faith in my dad & I'm sure he'll get it done. The day I have city water running through my house will be a joyous day! This is a beautiful piece of equipment to me!
Eric and I both had President's Day off. I work for the state and it just happened to be one of Eric's days off. Eric had the notion to go to Lowes and buy lattice for around our porch. When we got to Lowes, their wooden lattice looked crappy, it was full of knot holes and wasn't very sturdy. So, we looked to the next shelf at the plastic lattice. It's is guaranteed not to rot away, so for only $40.00 more dollars, we decided to go with it. With the help of Eric's dad, we got it up & I love it. We also put landscape timbers down as a frame for a flower bed. Right now, we only have two stacked up. After all the materials and tools were put away, Eric decided that another row needed stacked up - so we're not completely finished. With pretty weather not too far away, Eric will have flowers and bushes blooming away.
I'm so proud of our little house! It's truly a blessing! I can't wait for spring & summer - are you with me?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our back porch a few weeks ago.

Our back yard with almost a foot of snow.

This was over a month ago when the snow melted and the turkeys found the corn that Eric fed to the deer. There were 18 turkeys in our front yard and poor Eric slept right through it :(

I just wanted to include a picture of my new corner shelf. My sister-n-law made it and it was my gift from the Yankee gift exhange we play on Christmas at Eric's grandparent's house.

This winter, on the Kerr Farm, it has been blistery....I mean horribly blistery. We had nearly two feet of snow at times, once the snow melts, there's mud and then it snows again. I'm keeping the thoughts of spring time in my head and I'm very excited of the thought. However, it makes me think of house projects. Our #1 priority is getting city water out to our house. I'd like to put up lattice and plaster rock on the outside garage walls. Eric and I also want to prepare a place for a garden, which will include an electric fence and a lot of work to the soil.
I've been stressed lately because it has taken 103 days for Consol Energy to provide Eric and me with insurance. I bought a internet hot spot device that was supposed to be awesome and it really sucks in Clay. Then add to the mix that Eric and I weren't invited to his grandfather's 80th birthday party. I was upset about that but, I'm over it now.