Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living & Loving It

My kitchen is pretty much complete. I forgot my paper towel holder at the old house but, the kitchen is really nice, especially my dishwasher! This beautiful piece of furniture is a pie safe that Eric's dad made. The hearts fit right in.This is the computer room/spare bedroom with the twin bed. Mom drew the tiger picture, which I will always love. The word wall, "Count your Blessings" was especially easy to put on.

Willow loves the new furniture and so do we and so does Gracie and Jaidyn.

Casie painted this for Eric and me for Christmas.

Eric did this arrangement. Mom painted the saw on the left and Casie painted the one on the right. We're so lucky to have artists in the family!

See, I told you.

This mirror was the first thing we hung in the house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Work Projects & 1st Move

Diana gave me the idea of buying sticky tile to put in the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Mom took on the task, which was a little difficult but, it looks great and I think will last great. It goes really well with our counter tops too. This dinette set was given to me by mom and dad, it was my great grandmothers, Dollie Stout Conrad Doss. Eric and I love it and it is so special. I plan to soon recover the chairs and make matching curtains. Once I get the house unpacked, that will be my first project.
Mom and I on moving day!

Our first lunch, actually sitting at the dining room table was Subway, and it was special! This is our first big move. I've been storing most of my belonging for 2 years and we got all of it moved in. This weekend, we plan to move everything from our current house into the new house.

This is the picnic table that Eric and his dad made. It is very nice and holds a lot of people.

Eric, with the help of Eugene and dad poured this concrete pad outside of the garage, which is very nice.

These are our new steps to the basement.

Once the decorating starts, I'll try to post some pics. Can you believe it, we're finished with construction. Well, the basement still needs some work but, I'm still moving in!