Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lot's of Progress

Eric worked very hard putting the wood on the walls. Dad and I went to Elswick's Lumber and almost bought all the basswood they had. I really love the character this wood has.

Our flat screen will look beautiful above the mantel.....with the Corinthian bronze light fixtures on each side.

The wall to the right of the basement door is my favorite. I love the looks of the wood....Eric said that it's rot.....oh, well, it's pretty rot!

Heat and air's taking a REALLY long time for our heat and air system to get installed but, they are making progress. I think it's close to being finished. I had to design the pattern for this board that goes over the sink. I thought hearts would be cute...we have hearts in our rock wall. Of course, Eric doesn't like this but, I do. I thought Teddy did a great job cutting my pattern out but, he doesn't really like it either. What do you guys think???

Small bathroom sink cabinet.

Double bowl sink cabinet and medicine cabinet in our master bathroom. The faucets cost twice as much as both cabinets, including the bowls.......seriously!!!!

Mom finished the mural last weekend, thankfully, she's alright! She added a beautiful deer into the scenery but, I forgot to get a picture of it.....I'll get it soon.

I worked on my paint job, doing some needed trimming. Dad put log siding (same as on the outside) up on this wall in our master bedroom.

I helped very little but, when dad needed me to hold something I was there. Plus I made some awesome Taco Soup for lunch....YUM! I think the final product turned out wonderfully. We are going to keep these logs completely natural.

Last weekend, Teddy and Eric worked really hard on making our kitchen cabinets. They are custom white pine, which we will stain red mahogany.

Mr. Eric was worried that I wasn't going to have enough cabinet space, so worried that he thought I should send back my dishwasher. I told him he was crazy...I do have a full pantry that is the size of a small bathroom.

I think the cabinets are looking great. Teddy has two more doors to make b/c we ran out of lumber. Then, we have to stain and add the hardware and they're done!

I need help. We are putting tin on the celing in the kitchen/dining room. We don't know what color will work. Our sink faucet and lighting is what color would look good???? Hopefully you can see the available colors on the picture below. If you think you have a good eye for color, let me know and I will send you the pdf and you can get a lot better look at this. I'd really apprecite your opinion b/c we're going to need to order the tin asap! Thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Work

Hunting season is over, the holidays are over and it's time to get back to work on the house. Eric and I spent all last weekend at his mom and dad's house. Eric and his dad made 2 cabinets for our bathroom sinks and one medicine cabinet. We are so fortunate to have a wood working shop at our convenience. Teddy is teaching Eric all his skills so hopefully Eric will be able to do this work on his own one of these days. This is the frame, notice the 3 drawers are different sizes. They did that all on their own.Eric covered the inside with this paper that looks like old boards.
The stain is Red Mahogany and the knobs are brushed nickel. Our sink faucets are brushed nickel also.We still have to mount the sinks onto the vanity top but, that will be once we are ready to install them in the house.If all goes well, they will start making our kitchen cabinets soon, which will look very similar. We thought about going with another color stain but, we like this so well, we will probably go ahead and do the kitchen cabinets in red mahogany also.