Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signs of Fall on the Farm

 We finally got our customized rock!  It took 3 months and I just couldn't be patient - I was excited for our rock and also to give Mom & Dad & Teddy & Diana theirs.  Mom, Dad, Teddy & Diana all helped us so much on our house, we wanted to get them something special to show our appreciation.  I'll try to get pics of theirs sometime.
 I think they did a great job!  Eric plans to set it in concrete and fix up the surroundings a little.
 Our pear tree has lots of pears, they are currently hard as a rock but, will soon be perfect for eating - I can't wait.
 It took a while for our sunflowers to bloom.  I love them - don't pay attention to our weedy garden.
 Here's a picture of the side of mom and dad's house.  They're are installing Harding Siding on the upper floor - it looks really good but, it's a slow process.
This is the front, these two dormers will eventually hold beds.