Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting So Close to Finish

Here's the kitchen before counter tops.

Here's the kitchen after counter tops. We couldn't get the no drip edge because the back of the counter top wouldn't fit under the rock. The straight edge, though, fit perfectly under the rock.

My lovely walk-in-closet shelves that I'm so excited about!
This is paneling that is on the outside wall of the bathtub, where all the plumbing is.
By the way, we have water running in the house....through the pipes, not the walls!
The upstairs is 99% finished, we still have a few door locks to install, the shelf for above the washer and dryer, and the small bathroom sink vanity needs to be built but, that is pretty much all. Now, it's time to give the entire house a good cleaning and once the house is completely clean, we will start moving stuff in. But, we won't physically be moving in until the back deck is built and the basement is pretty close to being finished. Probably sometime in June, we'll be living there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progressing, little by little

Here's dad chopping up a tree root, so that he can get the water pipe hooked to the well. Dad dug the water line ditch yesterday and hopefully this weekend Eric and his uncle, Clinton, will get the line put in.

Eric put these lights on the porch a few weeks ago.

This is a 100+ year old wormy chestnut beam. It was salvages from the deconstruction of his parent's first home. Eric and his grandpa chopped it up with an axe and painted it with polyurethane. I think it adds a lot of character to our ceiling. Notice the new light fixture that will hang over the dining room table.
These lights....I'm not crazy about but, we had a really hard time finding the right lights to hang over the mantle. They'll probably grow on me.

That's all for now.