Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Additions

A few weeks ago, when the water line was being put in, Eric's grandpa transplanted some bushes for us, from our old house in Strange Creek.  These are burning bushes and there are also two shrubs by the porch steps.  Mom said, they make our house looks like, it's been there forever.  Also, we purchased 10 Azalea bushes from the Clay Farm Store. Eric planted a few in the front and planted more today. 

This is the arch that Eric & I were married under.  That is a VW bug bird house, which has yet to be inhabited by a bird.  And there is a rose bush planted underneath, which was trimmed back very far, so likely no roses will be appearing this year.
Mom gave us this lovely potted plant for Easter.  I've been watering it every other day and it seems to be doing well.
Our West Virginia furniture finally made it to our new home.  See, Eric's cousin recently moved into our old house, so we finally had to get all of our remaining things out of there.  Eric finally got all of his "stuffed" animals, I mean the mounted "real" animals down in the basement.  I will share a picture of that once we get the basement painted.
Eric also added this old fence for some nice decoration.  I made the wreath & mom & dad helped me attach it to the fence.  I added a little more grapevine but, it needs a lot more, which I will work on when I have a chance.  We plan to order a customized rock with our name on it to place in front of the fence.  I can't wait to get that.  Stay tuned for more spring additions!

Also, today Dad helped Eric plow up the land for a garden. Soon, we'll be planting veggies!